I am a inventor, physician and AI technology entrepreneur, armchair physicist and aspiring science fiction writer. I am the founder of Spoken, a service for writers to self-publish, stream, share and monetize their audio works. I ushered in healthcare’s conversational AI industry with Conversa, and I envision a future integrating artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces and ontology-powered knowledge graphs that automate our digital interactions.

You guessed it: I’m a complete nerd! I also believe the invention of anti-gravity is inevitable, which you can read more about in my essay On UFOs and the Inevitability of Anti-Gravity, as well as on the r/antigravity Reddit community which I moderate.

My fixation on gravity stems from my Theory of Persistence. My writing journey arose from this and my passion for society-transforming inventions, with every miniscule design detail and consequence they require. You can read more about my science fiction writing here, and more about me here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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