I am an inventor and AI entrepreneur who has created technologies to reimagine industries, most recently Spoken, which helps writers self publish, stream, share and monetize their audio works. I have also reimagined health care as something personalized to every individual. As the founder of Conversa, I helped care teams and patients stay connected between visits using Conversational AI. Conversa sold to American Well (NYSE AMWL) in 2021 to propel our Automated Virtual Care vision forward.

Prior to Conversa, I created the profile-driven personalization platform for WebMD. Following WebMD, I led product strategy and product management for Press Ganey which serves half of US health care providers to collect and analyze the patient care experience.

I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I received my medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine, and I have residency training in both general surgery and public health and preventive medicine. I received my Masters in Public Health from Oregon Health and Science University with a focus on epidemiology and medical informatics.

I have invented technologies that enable collaborative movie-making as well as the collaborative creation of enterprise knowledge graphs using ontology-driven knowledge inheritance. I am also getting deep into generative ai, augmented reality and passive brain-computer interface spaces, which I feature in my writing.

I have found a new passion in physics and science fiction, stemming from my Theory of Persistence that I began envisioning during a flight on the morning of September 11th, 2001. I have completed my debut science fiction, two novelettes, and have a second novel in the works. You can read more about those here.

I split my time between Sauvie Island and Oceanside, Oregon. I also founded the arts organization Forte and restarted the Oregon Crusaders. I am active in supporting the LGBTQ community and youth education in the performing arts.

And here are my trusty companions, Huck and Cooper:

Follow Huck on his public Instagram page here. Cooper refused a public page as he’s not keen on being in the public eye.

My Inventions:

System and Method for Sharing Medical Information2006Patent US20080133273A1
Method And System For Use Of A Health Profile With Health-Related Information Tools2006Patent US20080133272A1
Personalized Health History System with Accommodation for Consumer Health Terminology2013Patent US20060004607A1
Personalized Health Records with Associative Relationships2007Patent US8380530B2
Personalized Health Communication System2014Patent US8712792B2
Distributed Video Creation2012Patent US8756627B2
System and Method for Collaborative Knowledge structure creation2008Patent US8843475B2
System, method, and apparatus for disease susceptibility testing2008Application WO2003031935A3 (the one that got away!)

“May we accept that multiple, sometimes conflicting things can be simultaneously true.”

I look forward to staying in touch!